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Want a discount on your homeowner's insurance?

Want a discount on your homeowner's insurance?

You may be eligible for one since you own a home security system! Make sure that you take advantage of it!

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A lot of homeowner's insurance providers look favorably on homes that have a centrally monitored home security system like yours because it greatly reduces the possibility of any expensive insurance claims.

As a Meenan Home Security System customer, you may be eligible for up to a 20% discount on your homeowner's insurance each year.* This could save you up to $160 per year - or more! You could potentially use this discount to pay 40% or more of your security system's annual monitoring payment, so it's smart to take advantage of it now!

How can you get your discount?

  • Contact your homeowner's insurance company to find out if they offer discounts to homes with centrally monitored security systems.
  • If they do offer a discount, they may require that you send them a certificate to verify that you own a centrally monitored system.
  • If you need proof that you own a security system, contact us and we will send you a certificate verifying that you own a Meenan Home Security system.

Helping you save while protecting what's important in your life is just another reason why we're the company that you can trust to provide total peace mind.


Be sure to get your discount today!

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*Not all insurance companies offer discounts. Contact your insurance company to see if discounts apply.

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