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Security System Guide & Troubleshooting

Security System Guide & Troubleshooting
Need help with your home security system? Please use this guide to get help on your Meenan security system features. You'll find answers to many of the more common questions on how to operate your system, learn how to troubleshoot and more. Don't forget, we're always here to help you 24/7, so if you do not find your answer here, please contact us.


Manufacturers of security systems recommend weekly testing of your security system to verify proper operation. 

How do I test my system for proper operation? 
To "Test" your system (door or window sensors, motion detectors and panic buttons), please take the following steps:

  • First, you must contact your "central monitoring station" at 800.631.2299 and request that the operator place the system on "test" for the amount of time you feel it will take you to purposely activate the alarm or siren. Placing the system on "Test" is necessary so that central station doesn’t dispatch the authorities to your property during testing.
  • To place your system on test, you will need to provide your name, address and password.
  • Before testing each device, write down or note the location of each device so that you can compare your list of devices tested with central station once testing is complete.
  • Next, you will need to "arm" or activate your system in the "away" mode, then open one protected door or window and wait for the siren to sound. The siren will sound after the "entry/exit delay time" has expired.
  • Let the siren sound for a few seconds and then key in your 4-digit code to silence the system. You must close the door or window before you can test the next device. You may also need to re-enter your code to reset the system.
  • Repeat the above exercise for each additional protected door and window.
  • You may also test any motion detectors by walking in front of them after your "entry/exit" delay time has expired.
  • You may also test your medical pendant(s).
  • You may also test the "key pad panic buttons".
  • You may also test the programmed panic buttons located on your key fobs/remotes.
  • Other devices such as monitored Glass Breaks, Smoke, Carbon Monoxide, Flood, Low Temp and Heat detectors must be tested by our professionally trained security technician. 
    Learn more about our Inspection Services ›
  • Once the test has been completed, please contact central station again at 800.631.2299 and ask what "signals" they received while comparing their report to your list of devices tested.
  • Request that the operator take your system off "test" once you have confirmed everything and finished your conversation.
  • Should you find that your system is not communicating (sending signals to central station), or a particular device or panic button did not report to central station, please contact us for service ›

IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Please do not change telephone carriers before calling us first, as some telephone service providers do not or cannot support home security systems.


Storms and inclement weather can play havoc with your security system. These are some of the more common weather-related issues:

My key pad suddenly started to "beep" and wont' stop!

Typically, when there is "system trouble", the key pad will generate an audible "beep" and may provide a message on the display. 

Examples of "system troubles" that will cause the key pad to beep:

  • AC power outage - If this occurs the key pad may display the same or similar message (Honeywell systems will read "No AC").
  • Back-up power source depleted - If this occurs your 12 volt battery (located in the "panel" or control) may be nearly "drained". Key pad display may read "low batt". The beeping will stop once the battery either recharges itself or is replaced. It could take up to 36 hours before the battery is fully recharged.
  • Loss of phone or radio service - If this happens, the system cannot communicate with your central monitoring station and the key pad may display the following messages: 
    > "Communication Failure"
    > "FC" (Failure to Communicate)
    > "BF" (back up communicator failure, if you have a radio/cellular communicator)

How do I make my key pad stop "beeping"?

There are many different types of home security systems that we have installed or "taken over" over the years, but primarily, our customers utilize Honeywell Security Systems. There are a few customers that have Napco/Gemini, DSC and FBI Security Systems.

Please use the following guide to silence the beep on your particular home security system:

Honeywell Systems:

  • When the key pad is indicating a "system trouble", as evidenced by an audible beeping, please note if there is also a message on the key pad display. Any information that you provide, should you contact us for service, will be helpful to diagnose and correct the problem.
  • To temporarily silence the keypad, please enter your user code and then push the off button.
  • Immediately repeat the same input exercise a second time. The key pad should now be temporarily silenced.

Napco/Gemini Systems:

  • Hold down the reset button for 10 seconds and then press the function button followed by the #9 button.

DSC Systems:

  • Enter 4-digit user code.

FBI systems:

  • Enter the 4-digit user code and then press the asterisk (*) button.

ALL KEY PADS will resume beeping at a later time unless the system trouble has been remedied.

Power surges
Lightning and wind can sometimes cause power surges in your home. A power surge can be very dangerous to a security system and result in the system activating, sending random signals and sounding the siren for no apparent reason.

When the system acts as detailed above, you should first try resetting your system. Your telephone and electricity service must be operational. If that doesn't work, you should contact our office to schedule a service call.

Please contact us any time if you need further help, require service or have ANY questions › 

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