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Warning Signs That You Need an AC Tune Up?

AC Tune UpYou most likely get a heating system tune-up every year before the winter season begins but your AC system requires the same care before summer hits, too. An AC tune-up will ensure that your system runs efficiently and effectively all summer long. If you have a service plan with your AC provider, a tune up is most likely included in your plan. But, even with a service plan, your AC system can demonstrate some easy to spot warning signs that are “red flags” for scheduling a tune up very soon.

AC Tune Up Warning Signs

  • Warm – not cool – air is coming out of vents – A tune up will help discover some of the many reasons why this may happen, which is important as it means your system is not running efficiently and you’re wasting money.
  • Vent airflow is weak -- If airflow from vents is not blowing normally, an air duct could be leaning or a filter may be clogged. Resolving these issues is usually a normal part of most AC tune ups.
  • Temperatures are very different in different rooms – While some rooms may get more sun than others, if there’s a noticeable difference in temperature in rooms throughout your home, your AC system isn’t running effectively and it’s time for a tune up to help you determine the reasons why.
  • Strange or unusual sounds coming from the AC system – This could indicate a deeper problem but a tune up will help you determine what the issue may be and prevent any potentially more expensive repair problems before they happen.
  • Humidity fluctuation and mold-type odors – This may indicate a leak, blockage or broken drain tube in your outdoor compressor. A tune up can prevent these problems before it makes your home unhealthy or requires more expensive repairs.

AC Tune UpYou can count on your local home service experts at Meenan to help resolve these, or any other, issues before they potentially lead to more expensive repairs. Our team are here for emergency repairs and service 24/7. 

Don’t have a service plan? Please give us a call today to choose which of our three comprehensive services plans suit you and your budget. Each plan includes an annual AC tune up.