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Going green with your home heating.

Eco friendly heating options and tips

Protecting the environment and improving our carbon footprint is something that mostly everyone wants and tries to do in our daily lives. But to make a big change, we can do more than recycle diligently or buy an electric car. It’s a fact that installing a new, energy-efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system or switching to more eco-friendly fuel sources like these can make a huge impact in improving your carbon footprint and our environment:

Oil heat is a greener heating option than you might think

  • The latest technologies, which continue to be developed and improved, such as lower sulfur blends mixed with biofuels, make oil cleaner than ever before.
  • Over the past few decades it has been cleaner and less expensive to burn than natural gas.

Use propane to heat your home

  • Propane is clean burning, non-toxic and has low carbon emissions.
  • Propane generates more heat than electricity to lower your carbon footprint.

Switch to using biodiesel as your fuel source

  • Biodiesel fuel is renewable, biodegradable, and manufactured using vegetable oil, animal fat, and/or recycled restaurant grease.
  • It’s greener than classic petroleum diesel fuel, like home heating oil.
  • It can generate electricity like fossil fuel, with less CO2 emissions that contribute to global warming.

Install one or more pellet stoves in your home

Meenan can help you go green with your home heating
  • By burning renewable fuel like pellets, or sawdust, these stoves are more efficient than wood stoves.
  • More effective in a smaller home (up to 1,500 square feet) but larger homes could install another pellet stove.
  • Installing just one stove in your home will help reduce the need to switch on your regular furnace, lowering emissions and saving energy.

If you’re thinking about going green with your home heating and using one of the above systems or fuels, we’re the local home service experts you can rely on to help you do it. Give us a call today to learn more.

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