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Get the facts about propane!

Get the facts about propane

Even though propane is one of the nation’s most versatile, efficient and 'green' sources of energy, it's smart to get all of the facts about your home or business fuel source. Learn all you need to know and get answers to some important questions about propane here.

What is propane? Propane is a hydrocarbon (C3H8) and is sometimes referred to as liquefied petroleum gas, LP-gas, or LPG. Propane is produced from both natural gas processing and crude-oil refining. Nearly 97 percent of propane used in the United States is produced in North America. It is nontoxic, colorless, and virtually odorless. As with natural gas, an identifying odor is added so the gas can be readily detected.

Who uses propane? Propane is used by more than 12.6 million U.S. households for space heating and other purposes and by millions of other Americans for agricultural, commercial, industrial, and transportation applications.*

What can propane fuel in your home? As a clean, versatile energy source, propane is frequently used for home heating, water heating, cooking, fireplaces, and clothes drying. In outdoor spaces, propane is a widely used energy source for outdoor grills, lighting, and heating for pools and spas. When electric power goes out, propane is often the energy that powers standby generators.

Propane vs natural gas: how do they compare as home fuels?

Learn how propane is a better - and cheaper - choice than electric for your home 
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