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Air Conditioning Service Plans in Pennsylvania

Just one unexpected repair to your central air conditioning could cost you $300, $400 or more! We offer two simple service options to keep your system running optimally, all summer long. You choose the best one that's right for you!

1. Basic Air Conditioning Agreement (Service Available 8am-6pm)
This provides a 15% discount on services not covered by the agreement (excludes diagnostic fee). In conjunction with a service call, we will check:

  • Blower Wheel
  • Belts
  • Blower Motor to ½ hp
  • Condenser Fan Motor
  • Contactors
  • Drive Pulley
  • Fan Center or Relay
  • Cooling Thermostat & Sub Base
  • Transformer
  • High Pressure Control
  • Run & Start Capacitors and Refrigerant Level
  • No maintenance, repair or parts coverage

Scheduling is subject to availability and weather conditions.

2. Premium Air Conditioning (Includes Parts – Service Available 8am-6pm Monday thru Friday, April 1 – September 30)
Expands BASIC coverage to include a pre-season check in conjunction with a related service call, repair and replacement of the parts included in the BASIC coverage with the exception of Refrigerant above 2 lbs, Clock or Programmable Thermostat and service required because of dirty air filters. Items not accessible will not be maintained under this agreement. 15% discount on repair service, excluding the diagnostic fee. NO diagnostic fee applies to covered services. Excludes Variable Speed Motors.

Check and change or clean your air filter monthly for efficiency. Meenan will not be liable for injury or damage to persons or consequential damage resulting from defects in, or the non-operation of customers’ burner/air conditioner, condensate drains or lines or pumps. This agreement does not cover electrical or plumbing beyond the unit.

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