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Tips for hiring the right plumber.

Meenan tech reviewing invoice with customerIf you need a plumber, you need to be sure that any problems are repaired, professionally and quickly! However, since plumbing emergencies often lead to a panicked call to ANY plumber to get the problem fixed, you need to be smart and take the time to ask some important questions and get the right answers before making your decision. The time you take to determine the project cost, plumber’s experience, and credentials upfront could save you more time and/or money during and after any project that isn’t completed correctly.

Before calling any plumber for any plumbing project, use these tips to make sure that you get the best one for your job:

  • Don’t accept a quote over the phone! Any good plumber will want to see and determine what your problem is and how best to repair it before providing a project estimate
  • Make sure that a project estimate includes both parts and labor costs.
  • Before signing any estimate, absolutely make sure if their rate is hourly or fixed. Ask the plumber how long it should it take to finish the repairs, from their experience of doing similar jobs. More experienced plumbers should be able to detail this for you and provide a more accurate estimate.
  • You should ask if guarantees (your satisfaction with the work) are included in any job estimate.
  • Ensure that you get a written estimate that both you and your plumber will sign. This is your contract.
  • If the plumber leads a team of other plumbers or subcontractors, ask for their experience and background so that you’re sure they share the same experience as the plumber you’re potentially hiring.
Plumber fixing sink
  • Most US states require that plumbers have a license. Determine if your state does (don’t take the plumber’s word for it) and if so, make sure your plumber has passed all the required tests and certifications to earn their license. Asking for this is not unusual.
  • If you do hire a newly licensed plumber, be mindful that even though they may be a cheaper option compared to more experienced plumbers, they may not have the required experience you need to complete your project efficiently or effectively.
  • Ask the plumber to provide evidence of bonding and insurance and have a conversation with them about not wanting to be legally responsible for any injuries while on the job in your home.
  • Ask the plumber for any references from satisfied customers. A good plumber should have no problem sharing the names of happy customers. Just be sure to check them out BEFORE hiring the plumber.

Now that you’ve got these tips, if you’re ready to hire a plumber, our team of plumbing professionals are only a phone call away!

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